My anger, disappointment, and unhappiness stem from three sp

My anger, disappointment, and unhappiness stem from three specific things: 1. My partner having sex with anyone who isn’t me, which apparently there have been a lot that aren’t me. 2. Wasted money on prostitutes and overdrafts that should be going to our future or his help, which is in the thousands. 3. The lying about either or both situations, which implies that I’m stupid.
They are all part of the same problem, but they are each different things that put up a different wall that helps tear me down.
Today it was finding out he is $3,500+ in debt.
I can be patient while we both seek help and support regarding his sex with others. I’m less patient about watching any future get thrown into a steaming pile of debt. Where is the boundary if he can’t handle his money through it? Do I just let that keep occurring, or what can I do to put something in the way of one wall?

Mar 14

If I was with your partner, I wouldn't be with your partner anymore. Divorced or kicked out would be the only options. And why is he handling the money if he's financially irresponsible? You should however be happy that you aren't having sex with your partner anymore though for who knows how many STD's he currently has, HIV, herpes? I don't think you are stupid though , I think you are just hopelessly in love with someone who doesn't deserve you staying around him.

I'm sorry to say it, but your relationship is dead. It's only coming from one way which is your way. Love has got to go both ways, and that's not happening, either one of you pack your bags and leave , it's not only for the best but you must show that you love and respect yourself enough to say 'even though i love you, i need to stand up for myself and defend myself against your wrongdoings.'

One of the most expensive life lessons you'll get is not to destroy yourself in the name of love. You get it
from me for free. However i cannot free yourself from this situation, you have to set yourself free by choice by stepping out of this, by saying " I only deserve the very best, and this is not it, so i'm out!!!"

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