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I just realized the perfect representation of my marriage. J


I just realized the perfect representation of my marriage. Jenga. He's been removing pieces of the foundation for 3 years. A few months ago he snuck off for 50 minutes and picked a fight with me when I confronted him about the GPS picking it up. That fight was the piece that brought the pile crashing down. Now I'm trying to figure out if I want to rebuild it or put it in the box.

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Griz75's picture
Dec 6

@Betrayedbyasexaddict if he is working to stop, that is great, many can't stop or think of recovery. They continue and ruins everything. You don't need to rush the decision, it is not easy to end a relationship. Many people work on their partners for years and years. Keep working on progress,even little ones all the time. Yes there will likely be set backs, but that should mean to stop making progress.

Charleyinthebox's picture
Jan 1

i Like the Jenga analogy. i keep thinking that my wife has been watering the wrong lawn for this long and is upset that her grass isn't green. i mean...something you said earlier...about dopamine...i mean how can any affection even be noticed, when someone is spending all that time hitting dopamine triggers in the wrong place

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Jan 1

@Betrayedbyasexaddict it’s a very difficult decision to make. When the time is right you’ll know what you need to do. You shouldn’t feel forced into making a decision that will affect the rest of your life.


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