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Hubby went on a trip to Seattle by himself. When he returned

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Hubby went on a trip to Seattle by himself. When he returned there was an empty single pill packet with no marking on the back. He claimed he had a headache, so I opened the glove box and showed him the bottle of Ibuprofen sitting in plain site. He claims he didn't see it. I've never seen headache medicine sold in a single pack. However, male enhancement is.

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Aug 3

@mellieb there is a book given to me by Rehab. Out of the Shadows by Dr. Patrick Carnes is a good book for both of you to read to understand sex addiction. His daughter, also a Dr. Carnes, is more for the spouse. Start there. I cope because I had an alcoholic father that was very good at expressing how much he hated being an addict. It helps me understand my husband. Does it give him a free pass? NO! Their acting out and willingly exposing us to possible fatal or permanent STDs is a form of physical, mental and emotional abuse. It took him a while to understand that. Keep asking questions if you need to.

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Aug 4

My ex and I (towards the end of our marriage) had not been having sex. He still continued to refill his prescription for the little blue pill. I assumed it was for his " happy alone-time". Omg...I was so in denial. Like an ostrich with its head in the sand. Those pills serve one purpose...and I hope....someday....he gets the one that last four hours and won't go down. Or perhaps he did ; with the troll he cheated on me with, which is why she was outta there too.
Grab those red flags as they appear. Don't ever discount your own intuition.

Aug 5

@Betrayedbyasexaddict thank you for the are on point with the different kinds of abuse. I will get the books. I will keep asking questions. thank you !


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