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Busted my addict husband at a hotel. Strange thing was, I fe

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Busted my addict husband at a hotel. Strange thing was, I felt so calm. I may have acted angry but I wasn't. I even stopped at McD to get a drink before hitting the hotel. Even now, I feel nothing. I'm trying to figure out within myself if it's over or if I'm numb. Not sure. He goes to rehab soon. I guess I'll figure things out when I'm alone with my thoughts.

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Apr 19

@Betrayedbyasexaddict I see but is he responding back to her


sometimes knowing what we will discover before we actually unearth it will help keep us calm despite how horrible it really is...also knowing someone for who they really are makes things less surprising...

Apr 21

Some don't care if they are ruining another person's home. They want a home so bad or if they already have one, they don't like what they have and will stop at nothing to get what they think is going to be better for them. They tell themselves they aren't doing anything wrong and the person really loves them. My advice for them is to look in the mirror and learn to love yourself enough to not settle for another person's spouse.


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