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Hi. I’m new here and in the middle of divorcing my husband

Hi. I’m new here and in the middle of divorcing my husband of over 26 years. My therapists think he fits into the bod/narcissistic personality. To make a long story short, we’ve both had issues with chemical dependency. He kicked me out of our home in the fall of 2017. Found out the 1st week of December 17 that he had packed up the house, cars and kids and moved to another city. No he didn’t tell me. I’m just now learning about these disorders and I’ve just been sad the past few days knowing that I’ll never get an apology and that the vast majority of people will never believe me.

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Mar 16

@Girlypop I am glad to hear that you are benefiting from the therapy. I am sad to hear that you feel that you deserved to have him leave and take everything. Especially since you said that included your kids. Both parties in every relationship contribute to the good and the bad. If you don't mind my asking, do the 2 of you still communicate since you have kids?

Mar 28

@Ducktape "I believe you need to address your attitude"? I think you need to look in the mirror about this comment because your attitude is the one that is toxic on this thread. Kisobel helps a lot of people and always writes from her heart and her vast experience on the boards, which is usually spot on. Your comment here certainly isn't helpful, and I see nothing passive aggressive in her comment. Norseduncan nailed it, bad idea to be aggressive on the boards which is exactly what you did and I have no idea why because it's totally not applicable here.

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Mar 28

@Ducktape then why are you still adding to the record? get on your soapbox elsewhere. not welcome here. especially when you utterly fail to see the actual point here. like with pretty much everyone who posts like this, I have the same simple advice. you want to be forgotten here at sg, easy. a) stop typing. b) log off the site. c) don't log back on


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