My sister always had a problem with drugs since she was 14.

My sister always had a problem with drugs since she was 14. I always worked and pulled my own weight since I was 15. I am 6 years older. My parents gave her everything and still do. There was never a point I didn't work and pay my own way.
She never worked until she met her husband and eventually they built a very lucrative business and eventually had a beautiful baby boy. He is now almost 13 and in the custody of my parents. Three years ago, she became addicted to pills. Then her husband. It was more in a day than I made in a week. Eventually, the money ran out. She wrecked the vehicle and sent my nephew to the hospital, they both were in and out of jail. My parents were in denial and screaming at me the entire time before and after when I kept trying to tell them to open their eyes. I am always blamed. My brother-in-law shot and killed himself in front of my sister, they lost everything - everything. She continued to be on drugs and there were times we were not even sure she was alive. Finally, she was caught, went to jail for 4 months and came out for about 3. She was couch hopping. Then I did what I never should have done. I didn't do it for approval, I did it because I thought I was saving her life. I let her live with me. It was rough for a while, she admitted to the drug use before and while in jail and selling it when out (even in front of our father). When she got there, she was a little wired. Then after a while she started to shake and started to accuse me of keeping her locked up. During this time, it was me that pushed and got her state medical assistance. The day before her intake, she climbs out the window and meets "T" for some "normalcy". The day of the intake appointment after she gets home, she is wired again. I purchase a drug screen and she starts screaming that it is rude and disgusting that I would even ask. She hates me and hopes I die, blah blah. The worst part is that my father comes to the house and tells me that I never wanted her here that I was looking for any reason to get rid of her and to ask her to that was unreasonable. I have a home. I have 2 dogs, a bird. She had put a hole in one of bedroom doors, broken the mirror to my dresser, turned over my new recliner, beat holes in my brand new dining room table, and they think I am being unreasonable? They are retired and I work all day long worrying about my animals and belongings and having to lock up valuables in a safe. They have a restraining order against her but yet I am being unreasonable? Please help me reconcile this, because I am having a really hard time with it.

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Oct 11

@InvisibleSibling Cutting family off comes with a price, but allowing them to continue to torture you does as well.

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Oct 11

@InvisibleSibling I have the same problem other than being a scapegoat. My mother is just trying to force me to forgive my nephew and making excuses for him. I am the bad guy for drawing lines and sticking to them. I will read the article fully this evening, as I think it will help. My mom is having surgery next week, and I cannot help her because my nephew is shacked up in her house. I go into a rage when I see him due to my PTSD. My anxiety hits the roof and I fly off the handle. I haven't seen him since he burglarized my home and cleaned me out, and I'm still dealing with the fallout of that 5 months later. I work my a$$ off like you, have my own place, 2 jobs, a small zoo, and am disabled, but still work and suffer for it, while that SOB sits up on her couch without a care in the world and I am supposed to accept it? ummm... no... Here's something that helped me... "What messes with our mind the most is our perception of how things are supposed to be, not how they actually are." (not official quote, but close enough) Family are supposed to be tight, watch each other's backs, have happy holi freaking days... I have none of that anymore. I have myself to rely on. We have to find strength in that. Family is not always blood either, remember that. We should look at what we have, not what we have lost and find strength in that as well... If someone is causing negativity in my life, I cut them off... But with this being my mom, it's really hard... <3

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11 hours ago

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