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my husband is an alcoholic. i don't attend al anon because i

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my husband is an alcoholic. i don't attend al anon because i have to be somewhere else at the time it's on. does anyone have advice on how to handle the distancing, moodiness, oblivion, negativity & nastiness all which he seems totally unaware of.

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Apr 16

Thanks ladies much appreciated:)

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Apr 17

Ugh! I posted a long response and it just poofed!!

I was that alcoholic Dana, my husband dealt with a lot of misdirected drunken anger.

I fixed it because it was my job not his. I also needed to make "amends" to those I've hurt. It takes time, introspect, love, humility, honesty (100%, zero shortcuts or "white lies"). It's amazing when you peel the layers away and wear a little humility on your sleeve, how you can heal yourself and your loved one but you (him) have to put the work in.

Sobering up is step 1. The real anger comes with sobriety. It gets a little worse before it gets better. It wasn't until I sobered up that I started to FEEL.

OUCH!! I had drown my feelings in alcohol for so long that sobriety made it feel like a Mack Truck of reality speeding directly at me and I was stuck in place, unable to move.

The BEST thing that could have happened to me. My husband and I are closer than we have ever been. That can only happen if the work is put in. Your responsibility is you only. You.

You deserve a healthy love and life.

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Jun 15

@Dana15 I hope you find some al anon meetings.


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