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Im a Mom of 4 children. I have a son 24 with bipolar and pos

Im a Mom of 4 children. I have a son 24 with bipolar and possible schizophrenia. A son 22 with autism. A son 20 with adhd. And a daughter 9 with autism.
Its as overwhelming as it sounds and all are living at home.
Alright my 24 yr old son has some serious mental health issues conpounded with drug addiction. Its been a nightmare. He abuses anything he can get his hands on including abusing his own meds and taking too much then running out and feeling sick etc. We have to lock all of our own prescriptions, cold meds, pain killers ..really anything because he will abuse them.
He was accepted to a program for mental health and concurrent disorders/addiction.
He was going inpatient 5 days and home on weekends.
I was so hopeful!
He came home last weekend and was using drugs again. He went back on monday and they decided to remove him from the program as he is sick and they need to focus on his mental health issues first. So they committed him to the mood disorder wing of the hospital.
I'm just feeling so much despair and hopelessness. So unbelievably sad. There is no one aside from my husband to talk to. People neither care nor seem to understand its just been a nightmare.
I have no idea whats happening or how long they are going to keep him or will they send him home to us and thats it. Everything is now up in the air and i have to wait for him to call me again and try and get more info. So frustrating. Just struggling a lot with this, so very sad. Thank you for reading.

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Apr 14

As soon as my husband was placed in a rehab facility, I allowed myself to "check out" -- he is there for 7 days, that is 7 days I can focus on the kids, my job, basically NOT HIM. It has been liberating. you deserve to check out too -- for an hour, a day, whatever it is. Focus on you and do something for you. You have a lot on your plate and some self care will go a long way.

Apr 15

Ty for your reply. Its hard to shut the worry off sometimes but you are right. Will try and take some time for me today.

Apr 15

Send me a message if you need to vent. I'm here. I know the feeling of feeling "alone" all too well, which is why I am here. If you're feeling the same, you're not alone. Send me a message.


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