I am so angry. My mother has permitted my brother and his w

I am so angry. My mother has permitted my brother and his wife (who have drug issues) to move back in to her home where they will not pay for utilities or groceries. She has given them outrageous sums of money over the years (I bet it totals over $100,000 over the past two years alone). Neither of them have jobs but they have kids who are in and out of various school systems as they move so often. My mother was paying for their apartment but they were recently kicked out due to their life styles. I am sick and tired of seeing my mother be taken advantage of but apparently she likes it. She always has excuses for them as well and always claims they are doing "much much better." Yeah right.

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11 hours ago

@WorldBama It's actually my nephew. My deceased brother's son. He died when my nephew was 3 months old... he was 19. Messed my mom up badly. nephew was raised by a monster. they took him out of state. He has done no time yet because mom keeps bailing him out, same as your situation. "oh, he's sorry for his actions, he's doing better" Blah blah blah. I told him last night he needed to find somewhere to go and get out of her house because if I catch him there today I was breaking his knees. she is mad at me now because he's playing her again.."I have to move bcuz aunt snooze is gonna beat me up" I'm 5'3... he's 6'5.... pft... she is so sick from the surgery she can't hold her head up and I can't go there with him there. not that he's there... he just swings by for money, cigs and gas, or when there isn't a dopers couch available. he has court Friday. I'm going by the DAs office and drop the elder abuse Bomb on them because he has court Friday... I feel better by taking a stand. will post how things go this evening. mom will probably kick me out of her house, but at least I tried to do something. <3

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7 hours ago

i know exactly how you feel my mom took advantage of me and my money and now she is doing the same thing to my grandma and my grandma just keeps saying day is my child I can't just let her be homeless It is frustrating because she won't do anything and my mom Is also a addict if you want to talk message me

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2 hours ago

Well, the day was ok. I definitely got the cold shoulder over there because she is upset he is moving out. I also got the feeling he wanted to and used me as an excuse. I talked to the DA today and trying to get his bond revoked on my case. I guess we will see Friday. I am just about to give up on it and block them all out, including my disrespectful semi-narcissistic daughter. Mom said the same thing... "I can't just throw him out on the streets." Ummm... that's where he's been until he was forced to have an address and she let him in, so what's the dang difference... I give up. I guess it just is what it is... I miss my strong, take no crap mother... She is gone. Just a shell of her remains. sad. We draw lines and we are the bad guys...


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