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Hi. so im new to this but ive been dealing with my sister, w


Hi. so im new to this but ive been dealing with my sister, whos an addict for over 10 years now, im at my ropes end... i dont know what to do anymore. she says she knows she needs help but ant to do it "her way". i cant just sit back and watch her kill herself but i cant do anything to help.. please if anyone has any advice please let me know!!

Jan 14

Hi, that must be a hard thing to deal with and to see your sister going through this. Have you asked for some support for yourself from alcoholics anonymous? They can give advice and guidance.

Jan 14

I know how hard this is. My sister has been an addict for almost 20 years. She used in her last pregnancy and now my 3 year old nephew has clearly had effects from it because he still does not speak. I consistently remind myself that she is my sister, so I love her, but this is her decision, and I cant force her to stop, I can only encourage and be a positive influence towards a healthier lifestyle. I've noticed that when people get mad at her over her decisions it just makes her depressed and more likely to use. Stay positive, stay strong, know that this is not anyone's fault but her own, and sobriety is one day at a time.

Jan 14

Victoria96 Is your sister living with you? How old is she? Same with my son, it has been about 12 years.


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