Hi I wanted to get some advice. So currently Me and my daugh

Hi I wanted to get some advice. So currently Me and my daughter are living with my mom and brother and sister. Hopefully we’re moving out at the beginning of April just waiting to see if I got approve for the apartment because I can’t stand living here anymore. My sister is addicted to drugs and my mom just pretends like she doesn’t know or doesn’t want to face it I don’t know. But my sister smokes herion and she smokes presciption pills and snorts cocaine she has a hole inside of her nose from doing so much of it before she switched to the other stuff. Anyways she sleeps all day and night till about 10 at night then gets up for a few hours and goes back to bed. She constantly vomiting and coughing. I just feel like there are so many signs that something is wrong and my mom ignores them. All of her friends have gotten in trouble for drugs and my mom knows that my boyfriend and my brother both told my mom straight up that she’s on drugs and my sister lied and said she wasn’t and my mom just believed her and that was it. But my sister doesn’t just do drigs she sells them as well for some pretty sketchy people brings them out front of our house so everyone knows where we live it’s scary since I have my young daughter here it’s not ok. I just don’t know what to do anymore my mom just lets her do whatever she wants and doesn’t believe anyone else except her is it even worth it to try to tell her again that she’s an addict when nothing is going to change and she won’t believe me anyways?

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Mar 7, 2019

I understand what your feeling unfortuanlty I've been on both sides of the fence.. on the better side now and as for your mother she is in denial and just don't want to face the truth about her daughter having a problem. Kinda like just brush it under the rug and it will go away well that's not the case heroine is one of the most horrible drugs to be addicted to I've had friends overdose on that fee times that was not my drug of choice of course. But your sister need to get some type if help when she gets up at 10 does she stay up all night or does she go right back to bed. Anyways have u talked to your brother about getting your sister help pretty sure well in my state n town u only need 2 signatures to court order someone into treatment but if your not worried about that do much as u are concerned for your child I would just make sure your daughter sees as little as possible kids these days are not blind and catch on quick. All u can do is stay focused on u and your daughter and don't get lost in the mean time waiting for your place cause then you could have a tendency of losing your goals try help others one last thing if your sister don't want the help the. she isn't going to change on her own I was forced into treatment in 05 I hated it at first it was a 3 mth program I refused to open up finally 2 and half months there I cracked I broke down n finally excepted j had a problem i ended up staying longer then 3 months but I graduated the. Went to a half way house in the other side of my state for 6 months n have been clean ever since. I wish u the best good luck

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Mar 8, 2019

Thank you so much no my sister doesn’t want help she’s a very head strong person no one can tell her what to do not even my mother. My sister doesn’t think she even has a problem at all I’ve tried talking to her and got no where. I thought maybe if my mom knew since my sister does live with her she would do something but she doesn’t want to accept it either. Me and my brother are on the same page nothing will happen or change till my mom accepts that fact that her daughter has a problem but she’s the youngest so that’s her baby. So she comes up with a million excuses to protect her


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