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Hello. I've been scouring the internet for resources and hop

Hello. I've been scouring the internet for resources and hope to seek some advice here and possibly some clarity too. My husband is an addict, can stay sober for a few years at a time, but when he relapses, it's bad. Most recently he was on weed (not the recreational stuff, something heavy duty) mixed with ??? (he won't admit it). He had a vivid dream of me cheating on him in one of his hallucinations, threatened harm to me, contacted all our friends etc. The police got involved. I am feeling lost and scared. We have kids, I am pregnant, and desperately seeking some clarity. He wants help and willingly takes it (he's in a facility now), but can't seem to stay sober long term. Can he get better? Should I stay or run?

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Apr 15

While I can't tell you what to do for your own situation I can tell you that sobriety is acheiveable if the person really wants it. Have you ever gone to al anon? They may be great support to you during this! I'm sorry you are going thru this while you are pregnant, you sure don't need the stress!
Lots of hugs your way honey, glad you found us and hope you stop in often for support!

May 1

Alanon is a great resource, another is focusonfamily-they have some excellent articles on addicitons and famiy regardless of your faith preference and can help find local counseling- Short term counselling can clarify your needs and help you decide and work out safety plans for either situation. Community Health and local churches might have other options too, not just the internet. My prayers are with you.


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