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November 19th, 2020


Struggling single mother here, felt so alone I didn't have a

Struggling single mother here, felt so alone I didn't have anywhere to go, so I got me and my son a three bedroom house, it's so expensive it's so hard no help from the government I have no family I have very couple friends but I'm there for them more than they are here for me I don't know who I can turn to, I turn to escorting I want to get out I can't I need money I need help I want my son to have a great amazing life and a big family something that I've never had I feel so alone I just want to get a regular job and go to work every day and work hard and grow with the company but I can't I have no babysitter I have no car all I have is a house in my name and my son please give me some advice please tell me it will be okay

Jan 17

Have you thought about renting a room, or even renting it for less in exchange for babysitting so u could go to work?

Jan 26

Hi @Sarahsos, you are able and strong enough to find a way to make things happen for you and your son. You can reach what you set out to do, sometimes it takes a little planning and mapping out goals and then finding ways to achieve them. Have you considered going back to school, or simply finding a career field that you are able to grow in. I pray you find the help you need and that you can find a way to move forward in life and make a good life for you and your son. Seek God and He will open doors that you didn't even expect were possible. Blessings and best wishes!


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