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I'm not doing so well. I'm a starving artist, musician and w

I'm not doing so well. I'm a starving artist, musician and writer. Currently, I'm stuck living in an area I dislike but I can't leave because the places where I'd like to live seem to be expensive. I've thought about going back to college but the things that interest me are art, music, creative writing, etc. Also I'd have to take out loans and accumulate more debt in order to return to school. It's a hopeless situation.

For my my music and art, I need to be in an environment where there are other creative people, preferably a big city. The small town I live in is blue-collar. Mostly, people like to drink beer, watch TV and just "hang out." That's okay for them. It's just not for me. My idea for fun is making and creating music. I can't find other artists to collaborate with or even to talk to out here. I have two part-time jobs that I don't really like and that don't pay very well, but it's better than nothing I suppose.
It just seems that the longer I live, the more debt I acquire. I can't escape the cycle of poverty.
I feel like a hamster on a wheel just working to survive, working to survive, working to survive. Can't enjoy life. Can't have fun. Just have to live in a city I don't like surrounded by people I have nothing in common with and feeling very alone.

Not sure if I should even post this as it seems hopeless. I've tried getting counseling but no one knows what to tell me. I just need money. I need to earn twice as much money as I'm earning. How do I do that? Salaries are very low and good jobs are scarce where I live...

Should I take a loan out and go back to college to study something I don't like just to get prepared for a better paying job? Or should I go back to college and study what I love--music, creative writing, filmmaking, etc., and try to make connections and hope I'll find a way to make money doing what I love? Or should I just give up and accept the fact that I'm going to remain in poverty for the rest of my life?

There just doesn't seem to be a solution. I have no family. I have acquaintances but no real, true friends because I honestly don't meet people I can relate to out here. I want to move back to a big city. I used to live in a major city and there were more opportunities for me to do what I love there. However, I couldn't afford to stay there. I ran into financial difficulties and it seems that our society has become very mean toward people who don't have a lot of money.

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Feb 25

You need a plan, to move I need ______ and then work your tush off and then move. Once you move get a job with a coffee shop or restaurant, hard work, but tips are good. Then you can work slowly to make your passions pay your rent.

Feb 26

Sounds like you know what you are passionate about and I think that is a fantastic step in the right direction. Have you tried looking to rent a room with someone in the city? It would be cheaper and allow you to be around the energy that feeds you. Then, consider working several jobs to pay for living expenses. Hopefully, you can make some good connections and one thing will lead to another, but it takes stepping out in faith and a willingness to work hard. Just take that first step and then one step after another- you will get there. I wish you all the best! I will be praying you find what you are looking for.


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