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I wrote my vision for my financial future. I believe this i


I wrote my vision for my financial future. I believe this is essential each day to focus on where I want to be. I visualized it and I will repeat this exercise every day. I feel a sense of mastery and a decrease in anxiety.

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Jan 11

Thank You!

Jan 18

@happy2beme You have terrible trauma from your childhood that's influencing your relationship with money today. You have deep hurts from what your mom did to you, but I am glad to hear that you are attempting to overcome your past. Take small steps to conquer your fears. There are great resources here I hope you will find encouragement and help you need.


Jan 20

@Sweet2th It is not impeding me anymore I have taken control of the situation. Yes, it was terrible hurt but now I separate the two, money from the psycho Narc. I see money is good for me and I am spending it on myself <3 I am no longer in peril because I no longer equate the two, the money and what my mother did.:)


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