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I am letting go of being stre4ssed about finding a place. I


I am letting go of being stre4ssed about finding a place. I have narrowed my focus to a place that is less highly in demand and actually somewhere I prefer with less crowds. I will see what happens. There is also a runner up possibility that I have to stay in the place I am now but not so isolated. A different flat in a less isolated town but still less preferable to the first option which is very close to a major city and yet still has beautiful natural places. We'll see what happens when I go there on Monday. I know I need to kick back now and relax. I spent all day answering ads that were already taken after being posted for a day or less so I am glad i arrived at a place where they are not snatched up so quickly it is still a city and actually I like the location better. I hope I find a place there. Please say a prayer.

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Jan 11

I'll do my best!

Jan 11

@ResilientRose <3 lots of love.


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