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hey, i'm a student from lower class family. its been a few w

hey, i'm a student from lower class family. its been a few week, i'm not able to sleep because of my bills/fees. I'm getting into a depression. still i have no idea how can i manage everything. many negetive thoughts are running on my mind. i searched on google and i found this site so i shared my problem.

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Mar 10, 2018

Do you have time to work a part-time job? Or have something valuable to sell? There are always ways to make quick money, or tutor someone?

Mar 11, 2018

Lets talk by private :)

Mar 14, 2018

Hey, I'm sorry to hear about the financial stress--it's a valid trigger! Lots of people struggle with financial roadblocks. You're not alone. With that said, where are you from? Is there any financial aid, scholarship, or grant options available for you? Do you know someone you could ask? Maybe a school counselor? Keep hanging in there...I know it's tough!


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