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feel like crying. i keep creating my own problems by insist

feel like crying. i keep creating my own problems by insisting that objects i merely WANT are things that i NEED so i spend my precious little money. over and over again. as if the objects will make me happier. dont like myself at this moment. i already have everything i need. why dont i know it? most spending is online. cookies notify me of even better deals than the ones i didnt purchase.

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Jan 7

I understand what you are going through and honestly I had that problem as a young man but with age, I saw what was really important. The best thing you can do with spare money is to save it or best is to invest it, that way it gives you income in dividend. If you would like more information. Support me so we can get talking. Stay blessed

Jan 9

@Johnny_g thanks for the recommendation I'll get the book. I'm doing great, and how have you been?

Jan 11

@BerryM good to know you’re great .. as for me I’m good.therapy got me waxing stronger


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