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I have been making progress toward spending less money but i

I have been making progress toward spending less money but it is challenging. I have cut out a few things already and in the next 2 months I am going to cut off other expenses too. The next phase of my plan is to work either half or full day of overtime so I can start paying off my debts a little faster. It is challenging but I have to remember it is for me to have a place of my own once and for all.

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Oct 19

You are doing great. I think you will like having your own place.

Oct 20

Focusing on your goals sounds great. They sound like excellent goals.

Oct 21

Do remember those non-spending rewards to fight stress. They are more important than you think. I think people tend to replace one habit with another, so watch out! I started a quick 10 min walk with my chi weenie Honey Bunny in the afternoons. I think it makes me feel better...more leveled out.


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