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Every second, min, hour, day is a struggle that I have to fi

Every second, min, hour, day is a struggle that I have to fight through.

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Jul 2

Same here

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Jul 25

I take 3 meds after a year long struggle with trying to convince my GP this wasn't just a virus. I take them faithfully. I have started paying better attention to things like when there are issues at home, like marital problems the pain increases. Hormone cycles the pain increases. Weather fronts the pain increases. What I deal with now even on meds is the whole itchy hands and palms and sides of fingers. I had to remove all my rings. It made me remember how my grandmother would sit and run her fingers together constantly, and her limp with knee issues, the way she got up and down stairs..... I really do believe this is a condition we can be born with but it takes a life event to bring it out. Now that I can see a family history pattern and know very specific triggers, I don't feel so helpless to the whims of pain. Knowing what caused the flareup helps me recover more quickly. Itchy hands sucks though.

Sep 10

@Jl384b I’m sorry you have this horrible disease!! I hope that it disappears for you like I pray that one day it will disappear for me as well. I definitely write down all my triggers to know what to stay away from. Seems like the #1 trigger for me is STRESS!!! I am currently not on any meds I don’t like to take anything. When it gets to the point of being unbearable I go see my doctor to get a injection. I hope we all can get through this and one day we all wake up fibromyalgia FREE!!!


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