I want to run away. I literally just put "Run Away" in big n

I want to run away. I literally just put "Run Away" in big neon pink glitter on my wall. I was molested by my brother when I was a little girl habitually and I've ALWAYS wanted to run away and I think that's the source. I can't keep friendships or relationships because shoot. I can be promiscuous and let go of the guy just like that because again, I don't want to hold on to something so tightly. My other brother keeps on commenting on how I look too. Mind you, no, I did not grow up in the country; just a normal suburb. I can't even be around my dad because I get the idea that he has the hots for me too.

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Sep 12

Are you safe now? Are you away from your family?

Sep 13

Is there anyone you can stay with? How old are you?

Sep 13

I am sorry to hear how awful things are for you. Running away is not going to help you, it will just make things worse and other things will just keep building up on top of what you are already dealing with. Do you have any family or friends that you can trust or rely on? Finding you a support group is very important right now. In most towns or cities there are support groups for just about anything, such as; rape victims or sexual abuse victims.... This would be a good starting point! If you do not no of any such places, talk to your doctor of health physician. You can also contact your local health care center... You can go online and look up any local support group in your area, as well as talking to a pastor at your local church. There is also a site, I'll give the link to you; www.focusonthefamily.com . You can get into here and search for what you think might apply to you and they also have a phone number on this site if you want to call and ask for further assistance. It is free!
Stand strong and courageous. I will pray for you that you will find hope in this storm of life.

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