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I have gotten to the point now where I refuse to talk with m


I have gotten to the point now where I refuse to talk with my parents. They are trying to help me and I know that, but they go about it the wrong way.

Bit of backstory: I've recently graduated university and since graduating I had no choice than to move back with my parents while I look for work. 4 months and 0 jobs later I'm now in a situation where all of my savings are gone and I'm 100% reliant on my parents again, so in this aspect I feel like a failure. I've also come back to living with them with some mental issues, I spent 2 years living with a psychopath who threatened my life on multiple occasions, and because of my money situation, I could not afford another place to live due to the low rent of where I was living at the time. So 2 years living with this guy left me emotionally vulnerable and prone to random fits of anger or depression.

So now that I again live with family I have found it harder and harder to talk about issues that are bothering me, anytime I have ever come close to talking about it with them my mother takes it very personally as an attack on her parenting, and so the topic changes into trying to calm her down and my issues just forgotten. There are rare occations where they "try" to understand my behaviour, but instead of really talking to me they assume what is bothering me and don't listen when I try to correct them.
A short while ago I was curled up in the corner trying everything I could to control my anger (after ripping a fixed table off the wall) and they still do nothing to comfort me or even try to understand what set me off like this, a topic that still makes me angry just thinking about it. All they do is assume and do not listen. They fix the minor problems that I don't care about and give no s**ts about the big issues constantly screaming in my head.

So as this has gone on I have given up trying. I do whatever I can now to avoid talking with them, because everytime I have tried in the last 4 months I have only ended up in my room trying not to punch the wall.

The only reason I am writing here is to vent, I'm not sure if there is any advice to be given that will change this situation any time soon. But if you have chosen to read this, then I am sorry for wasting your time.

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Oct 13

I hope you in time you will be able to tell them what you are going through, in their own they are trying to be there for you during a very hard situation.


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