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Do u older people think of it annoying when a teen like me


Do u older people think of it annoying when a teen like me are obsessed with u and treat u like a big sister? Cuz I have this friend ( she's 24) and I rlly like her. But I don't want to be annoyed. Sry if this didn't make sence

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Aug 2

Your question makes perfect sense, and "us older people" appreciate your sensitivity in asking :-) However, I'm not sure there is a simple answer. Real big sisters get annoyed by real little sisters all the time, so I would expect it to work the same way with someone treated as an older sister. As long as you're not getting in the way ("being a nuisance") you're probably OK. She is a "friend", after all, and friends cut each other quite a lot of slack. Just try to be sensitive to her body language and the way she speaks to you, and don't take anything TOO personally. She will need her own space, and you need to let her have it without clinging. Does *that* make sense? I hope so :-)


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