How is everyone coping during the holiday season? 20 yea

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How is everyone coping during the holiday season?

20 years ago, everyone was so much more family oriented , kind and united.. Now.. Everyone ones to branch off and do their own thing.

I miss the good ole days. I can only fantasize now.

This too shall pass.

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Jan 2

@Poodlelove I'm so sorry, that's really sad. I'm sure you have some very good memories of him. Do some special things for yourself during this time. I'm doing a little better than I was before the holidays. I'm going to have to exercise even harder now after eating all of that holiday food and sweets.

Jan 7

Hi there, I am so glad you are doing better.
I do have good memories of him.
I was just thinking that I need to exercise & get on a serious diet now that the holidays are over.
Have a good day.

Jan 12

Holidays are dreadful!
No routine, teens dont listen, house always a mess, cooking the whole day, family staying over, late mornings, nowhere to go, boredom, just a nightmare!


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