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I need someone anyone who has been thru something similar to

I need someone anyone who has been thru something similar to tell me what I'm doing my boyfriend of 8 years recently had a lawyer knock on my door saying he may be the father to a druggies baby I think it's his it looks like our two kids but I want it to work it was a big mistake he admits and she admits it was only once she gave the baby up for adoption of course to family so she gets to stay updated and me n my bf don't have proof of it being his but I need to talk to someone please help me

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Oct 14

@Kas1966 I just don't know anymore to be honest is staying with him good should I leave should I forget I'm so confused never did this before

Oct 14

@Dee8807 to cover your behind, a DNA test should be done anyway.

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Oct 14

@Dee8807 give yourself at least 6 months. I gave myself a year. You are irrational right now because of emotional overload.


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