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November 19th, 2020


I honestly feel badly for the guys are in here saying they a

I honestly feel badly for the guys are in here saying they are in their 20s or 30s. My situation is quite different. But, it’s still rather painful for me.

I will turn 62 years old or this week. My wife and I have been married for 33 years. Now, she is not the only woman I have ever been with. But, she is the only one for the past 33 years.

I started having problems getting in erection when I first started taking Staten meds. This was an about 2007. I have been on and off the statins a lot. But, the probably got to the point where I would not want to go away when I stop taking the stands.

My wife and I have not had intercourse for seven years. It took a period of about six years for my erections to gradually become are successful. At this point, I will still give her orgasms. I will not hesitate to use my hand over my mouth. Recently, we started using a vibrator.

But, there is no substitute for actual intercourse. It is sad.

But, what concerns me the most right now if something is happened recently.

My wife does not return the favor and give me orgasms. But, I have always been able to masturbate. Where am I am by myself, I do whatever is necessary. Takes patience, but I have always been able to reach orgasm.

Until about three weeks ago. Now, I feel pleasure masturbating. But I do not reach the state of orgasm. On top of everything else, this is very disconcerting.

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Nov 25

Check out injection section for an explanation of technique and a post with a couple links to YouTube videos on injectecting that are good. What was the strength of your Trimix script?

Nov 29

@Bob1974 started out at 5, and got up to around 25

Nov 29

Trimix is a mixture of Alprostadil(also called Prostaglandin or PGE1) Pavaperine and Phentolamine. My script strength is 40mcg/30mg/1mg of the drugs mentioned above. I usually inject 6 to 12 units depending on how long I want the erection to last. 6 units is probably good for half hour and 12 units is probably good for an hour and a half. If it isn't injected into the cavernosa tubes it doesn't work. I had a miss this evening and injected 15 units and 15 minutes later I had nothing. I carefully injected another 12 units taking my time to make sure I got it in the sweet spot and made it work for well over an hour and went 2 rounds.


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