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I am SO incredibly frustrated with my boyfriends ED. We have

I am SO incredibly frustrated with my boyfriends ED. We have been together almost two years. I love him dearly and have no plans to leave him. He is wonderful. But his ED is driving me crazy. Yes, he is frustrated as well but he has been living with it for about 8 years.
The worst part was when we spent our first night together and I couldn’t understand wtf with his penis. It was like I had to fold it up and shove it up in me. I had no clue what was going on. He let me walk into that disaster without a warning. I am still pissed about that.
He tried pills, they don’t work well enough. He has never been rock hard once since we started sleeping together.
My libido is in overdrive. It always has been. We try other things but he will not let me bring my toys out to play. Ugh. I was diagnosed with a sex addiction about twenty years ago. I find myself falling back into my porn addiction . Which he knows nothing about.
I’m frustrated everyday. We can’t even have spur of the moment sex.
I know he feels bad. We talk about it. But I am dealing with something no one talks about. Glad to have found this group.

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May 12

I’m not mad at him and I’m VERY understanding. But I am frustrated. I can’t be angry with him.

May 13

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May 23

If that’s how you feel what about him? His feelings? He should’ve told you about it before starting a relationship but you accepted it when told you and decided to stay so please have some patience no one in their right mind chooses to have ED or any other illnesses


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