Hello I am suffering from Erectile dysfunction and I am


I am suffering from Erectile dysfunction and I am married from more than one year, Inititally my wife did not try to initmate with me up to 6-7 months not even touching, but after that when I tried to do conusmmate my marriage I always failed, so couldn't consummate my marriage

And my wife did not cooperate me to fix this issue, I have talked to doctor so many times and doctor have said this is situational and it can be healed only when your wife will be supportive of you and will b ready to live with you.

But she is not living with me and she is living with her widowed mother and now she and her family is not being supportive of me, and she and her family had applied allgation on us that I have destroyed her life,

and now my divorce is going to happen in upcoming months.

What should I do now.?

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Mar 12

Thanks for your comment, Now, What should be my approach now in case of remarriage in near future,

Doctor has been said that these problem comes and go like cold/fever, so How can I be confident that I have no any erectile dysfunction after taking suitable treatment from doctor so that I can be ready for new journey again in future. Because I have lost my self confidence because I have no any lady partner in my life. I just can masturbate to satisfy my sexual urge. what is best way to be confident at myself in this situation.

Please guide me.


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Mar 12

Keep your head up and keep moving check out that electric shock treatment I'm actually on the list for it now it has great success over seas but I have to pay out of pocket cause my insurance don't cover it 500.00 a day so I'm waiting on my income tax to cover it you can't put a price tag on a piece of mind stay up and don't worry about the next journey worry about fixing you first so when the next journey comes your ready

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Mar 17

Frankly, I think you need to find another doctor. A doctor should be able to determine the cause of your ED, and recommend effective treatments. If your problems are psychological, your doctor should refer you to a therapist.


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