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Hello, I’ve just now started to reach out because of my E

Hello, I’ve just now started to reach out because of my ED. I’ve had ED for about 10 years now. I haven’t had an erection in about that long. I'm 43. I believe it is because of diabetes. Viagra and Cialis do not work, have tried them off and on. I’ve even stopped bringing it up to my doctor. I am at wits end. My weight is not out of control at all… about 30 lbs overweight now. Its not that I’m not interested… I’m interested several times a day! Tried pumps, but that is wildly cumbersome.
As a man … and a gay man… this is almost central to the idea of being a guy. I don’t have to tell anyone here that. Clearly this has been the challenge of all my personal relationships.
I’ve heard about penile implants?! What other options?! Someone mentioned edex?

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Dec 6

group, does anyone have any suggestions?

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Dec 11

If your doctor isn't helping, you should talk to a urologist. Many men who don't respond to oral medications get good results with Intracavernous injections. For more information, see


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