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For the younger guys out there (18-35) or guys who started d

For the younger guys out there (18-35) or guys who started dealing with ED in that same age frame, how have you come to deal with your ED? How did you come to accept that it will always need treatments (pills, shots, etc.) to work AND that you are no less of a person for it?

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Oct 3

Hi there. Regardless of your age when your ED started, you are NEVER less than a good man because of ED. What makes you a good man is to face it, deal with it, and do the best you can to live with it. If treatment helps you, be glad you have that. It could be worse, were treatment doesn’t work at all. That’s just my opinion.

Oct 6

I AM just turned 60 & Dont feel any less a man my problems are like most older men as i cannot keep an erection but can do all the other things a man should do alas when a partner grows used to no physical contact that also means no physical love,kissing,touching,holding,or even verbally so life is no has become loveless & its killing me

Oct 11

My husband got cured of ED early this year. It was quite a problem when we were just dating and he admitted after trusting me that he was addicted to porn and masturbation. So at the time, my solution was to not cure him (which I honestly thought was a waste of time) but replace his addiction. Porn was cancelled, first. .. and we decided that every time he felt the urge to masturbate, he'd call me and i would fulfil whatever his fantasy was at that time. This actually made us infinitely more intimate. I felt kind of powerful, and so did he. Our sex improved, and he lasted longer than before, ..Though 80% of The time I had to finish him off. Though I wasn't cumming so much, it was way better than before. Then i got a new demanding job, and made had the idea to make a sex doll in my likeness. It was of high quality and surprisingly realistic (not sure if I can attach pictures here, if so I will). This helped 'tremendously' for him, as it made him never masturbate. He literally became 'normal', (given my past experience with men) and lasted enough for me to get off. I remember the first week I had to travel and when i got back we had our first 'regular' sex, since we met,.. right in my work clothes! Apparently the doll allowed him to have 'normal' sensations. Replacing masturbation. So what got him off became normal sex with a woman (or in this case, doll). But of course the dolls vagina will never feel like a real woman's so when he sees me, he goes HARD, literally. I'm not sure this will work for everyone, but i believe if the ED is porn induced, or as a result of masturbation it works. Our sex improved dramatically.

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