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Been with my boyfriend 2 years. We have really never had a f

Been with my boyfriend 2 years. We have really never had a functional sex life, and have now been sexless for 4 months with very limited physical affection. He doesn't do oral, and we both feel pretty helpless at this point. He has never been very sexual towards me any way. It is very difficult to believe it's not me even though he says it isn't. It is 1 of the hardest things I've been through in a relationship. I can't talk to him anymore about It because it has ruined what little of a sex drive he had before. I have had huge physical insecurities about my appearance my whole life, and this has just made it so much worse. I'm afraid I'm falling out of love. We have a great relationship outside of physical intamacy, but is it enough? I feel like i don't remember what it's like to have sex, and am almost obsessed. I think about having an affair a lot, but know I could never do that. He recently went to a doctor and has been diagnosed with health issues related to ed. I feel my patience is fading. What if the medicine doesn't help? Can I live sexless for the rest of my life? I feel worthless, and so lonely, and I know he feels like he's failed me. How do you all cope?

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Oct 10

Of course. Any feedback or support is why I joined. Just need someone to talk to with same experiences.

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Oct 10

Physical intimacy (not just sex) is a big part of any romantic relationship. I glad to hear he's seeking treatment, but I understand the apprehension of the medication's effectiveness. I don't know much about either of you, but I think he's telling the truth as far as you not being the reason. If you're truly falling out of love and you both can't/won't work it out, then maybe it would be best to part ways. Otherwise, I would encourage you to have a little more patience to see how the treatment works and possibly look at getting pro help (either as a couple or as individuals specifically with your body image thoughts). I hope things work out for the best for you both. <3

Oct 11

Winks, all is not lost for sure, there are ways to make it work if that what you want to do ,support me if you like i will be available all day tomorrow


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