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My headaches are returning and I’ve been taking all my med

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My headaches are returning and I’ve been taking all my meds as directed. Stress and curtain changes are triggering them now. I’ve told many people about this and there isn’t much they can do. Tylenol and Advil don’t work well anymore and I havent been taking it. I see my neurologist August. I’m leaning towards brain surgery I’ve tried meds off and on and hasn’t gone well for many reasons and maybe if this cyst in my head is gone it’ll take away other issues.

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Jul 13

That sounds really scary. Is there anyone helping you with all of this? Sounds like a lot to process!

I'm sure you already know more about this than I do, but …… some pain meds will cause rebound headaches, especially if you take it too much/often. SAJE sells a wonderful product that helps with headaches. (I get cluster migraines). It's a roll on essential oils, mostly peppermint I think, that eases the pain. I know it sounds hokey, but it works. There are many things that can cause headaches that many people overlook. Not drinking enough water is probably at the top of the list. Too much screen time is also at the top. Not enough sleep. Not enough food. The list goes on. So be a plant …. well watered, well fed, not too much sun, and well rested. :)


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