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I am a 37 year old single male ive had epilepsy since I was

I am a 37 year old single male ive had epilepsy since I was 18 I lost my driving licence and due to time I had off with issues I also lost my job. at 29 I had gone a year fit free so was able to get my driving licence back and was able to get my dream job of working away from home in a campervan doing security work at 31 my medication just seemed to stop working and I had a fit while driving so handed back my licence and had to give up the job as it was vital to drive since then I have been having approx. 2-3 large fits weekly{either during night or day} and up to 5 spaced out ones daily they have tried almost every tablet combo with no improvement other than side effects that can be moody suicidal aggressive ect I have applied for job after job but never hear back except the one I didn't put down health condition but lost that job when they found out I really want a job and didn't think id ever be jealous of seeing people going to work anyone out their with any ideas

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Nov 16

have you asked your doctor why the meds are not working and explored any other options?


I have spoke to my doctor and specialists and they don't know why the tablets wont work different combos of pills have different effects from spaced out to suicide thoughts anger issues and moods as well as small and large fits both during day and night They are now saying they don't think they will ever be able to stop the seizures and side effects fully so now its going to be trial and error to get the best combo to live with


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