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i was diognosed with endometriosis about 4 years ago after m

i was diognosed with endometriosis about 4 years ago after my doctor cleared me after having a miscarriage at 26 weeks. every day, every week, every month i have struggled to come to the realisation that i may never have kids because of the severity of my situation. i have held off on surgery to get a historectomy because i want kids. all i want is to hold a child in my arms and call them mine. i yearn for that day. but i am in so much pain today and i dont know how much longer i can go and continue to put myself through this pain. i dont have anyone around me who understands how much it hurts and how much i have to force myself out of bed everyday without wanting it to stop. all i want is for it to stop.

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Dec 19, 2017

Hi Nikita94. Welcome to the endo group :)
I'm sorry no one has responded to you yet. Our participation here is often a come-and-go basis, but I usually try to check in once a day to see if there are any newcomers. Unfortunately, I was battling what turned into a 5 day migraine when you popped on. Sorry I missed you!
So many people don't understand the severity of the pain or the sheer emotional impact this disease can have on us. I am so, so sorry to hear about your miscarriage, and then to find out about endometriosis immediately after? It's almost like saying, let's taking this nice, shiny thing called hope and grind it into the dirt.
Have you been seen by an endometriosis specialist? If not, I highly recommend it. They have the highest chance of removing all of the endo and can give you the clearest picture of your fertility. Plus, most avoid hysterectomies. Hysterectomies have a somewhat spotting chance of "curing" endometriosis. For many women the endometriosis comes back. And if all of the endometriosis isn't removed along with the uterus, it just keeps growing.
What are you doing for the pain? How often do you experience it?
Sending *hugs* your way. I am sorry you are having to deal with this. I wouldn't wish endometriosis on anyone. But at the very least, I can assure you that you aren't alone.

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Mar 21, 2018

Nikita, I am new to the group. Have you checked out a reproductive endocrinology? One of the specialist I went to recently referred me to one. I was told they specialize in the different types of treatment for endometriosis and women who have endometriosis and want to become pregnant. Pain is the worse part of this, I go through the fight everyday as well. I started using 2 heating pads in bed, one for my lower back & one for my stomach. Take one day at a time.

Apr 11

Hi Nikita, I have endometriosis too. See, all of these women here are going through the same pain. Some more and some less. I had a hysterectomy. It resulted in total infertility. I had surrogacy to have my baby girl. You may do that, too, if you really want a child.


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