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I don’t know what to do anymore about my pain. It’s prev


I don’t know what to do anymore about my pain. It’s preventing me from working and doing normal daily activities. I had to call out of work today. I have no more sick time and I’m afraid I’m going to lose my job over this debilitating condition. So frustrated.

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Feb 23, 2018

I am also trying to find work at home job. I’m even considering trying to get a medical billing and coding license to do it from home. I’m getting all the documents together tho for every doctor I go to so I can hand it to my job HR department so if anything happens in the future they have proof I am sick.

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Feb 23, 2018

Good luck. I've also been toying with the idea of applying for disability. It's a bit of a long process, so I keep putting it off, but it does have the benefit of being a source of income, even if only temporary.
Is the medical billing/coding something you can do when you feel good? Or is it a 9-5 and/or appointment-based, but at home?

Mar 21, 2018

I know how you ladies feel. The pain is horriable. It is so hard to get out of bed everyday and sleep forget about it. I don't sleep well at all at night. Raine have you had any luck with apply for the disability? Nowhere29 that is a great idea trying to find a job working from home, do those jobs you mentioned normally have flexible hours?


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