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Hi Everyone! I'm new to the support group and was diagnosed

Hi Everyone! I'm new to the support group and was diagnosed with endometriosis 2 years ago. I underwent an emergency surgery due to complications 3 months ago. I recently moved to Philadelphia for work and want to continue my treatment here. Any suggestions for good doctors in the area? I would be really grateful for the help because I'm clueless at this point. Thanks!

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Jun 29

I'm afraid I don't know of anyone in Philly. Maybe someone else here will. However, what you can do in the meantime is research local OBGYNs, see which ones (if any) say they specialize in endometriosis, what techniques they use, number of hours in the operating room, special equipment, etc. Another resource you can use is your primary doctor (once you settle on one).
What I have found though, is if a doctor specializes in endometriosis treatment, they try to market it and raise awareness of it.
Good luck!

Oct 8

Hi there .I'm in a very serious stage of endo and need to be admitted one will do it....I was wondering what your emergency condition was? May I learn what happened? I dunno what to do...3 weeks out of the month im disabled completely pass out from pain ....bleed for 2 weeks the mesley week I have off I'm still at 10 scale in pain but pain meds manage me rest of the time I'm doomed need to learn about severe cases
Thank u

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Oct 8

@Lillian83 Hey there. Not sure bmuralid will see your question. Do you see the number [10] next to her name? The higher the number, the more she has posted and commented. Plus it's been a couple of months. I'm not sure she ever returned to this site. But I'm happy to help if I can. What little you mentioned sounds like me a couple of years ago. The pain would start a week before the period, turn excruciating the week of the period, and continue for a week after the bleeding would stop. The local OBGYNs wouldn't treat me, so I found a specialist 5 hours away. She was able to remove the endometriosis and the pain and bleeding immediately got better. (At least, until it came back, lol! Endo likes to do that.)
If you're looking for some good information sites, I highly recommend ( and (, but feel free to browse some of the older posts here too. We're not the most active bunch, but there is a wealth of information and support here.

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