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I am 52yo & after my partial hysterectomy a couple of weeks

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I am 52yo & after my partial hysterectomy a couple of weeks ago the path report stated I had/have Endo. Does anyone know how long it will be before I am in pain again from it? Was looking forward to being pain free after this surgery, but just learned, much to my dismay, that this is going to be a lifetime sentence. How bad is it going to get, what can be done about it, and where will the blood go, since my cervix was cauterized? I am just starting to learn about this horrible disease. Anyone else on this boat who wants to share their story on it, I am most appreciative. Thx!

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Aug 15

Hi flying kites!

I have been on turmeric for a while now. And one of my other doctors was very pleased to see it. The docs like the turmeric b/c there is peer reviewed empirical data published. LOL! It’s usually he only thing they will back.

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Aug 16

@Paddle912 following up here... well, I didn’t get home until after 11pm again last night! I may never be able to heal properly from this hysterectomy! This time at least I left work at a reasonable time, but I had to stop at my parents’ house and then the assisted living apartment where my 90 y/o aunt lives. I had to check on her, find their nurse and force him to change a bandage on her. She fell down yesterday trying to transfer from her wheelchair to a chair. Ugh. My aunt is newly legally blind and very disabled and she has a difficult personality. She is 90 years old and in this facility that doesn’t provide adequate care. We are constantly running down there regarding problems and it’s so stressful.

Hopefully I will get home early this evening and get to bed early. I really need to rest so I can heal my cervix and other belly tissue!

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Aug 16

@Paddle912 Let me see if I can consolidate my answers. Otherwise we'll be having three or more conversations going at once!

First Post:

The clary sage isn't a magical scent-in-a-bottle that cures all ills. And like most medicines, it works better the longer its in your system. So in my case, when my ovaries went into shock, my symptoms included: bad night sweats (yep, had to get up multiple times during the night to change out of drenched pjs), erratic mood swings (one minute I'd be sobbing, the next laughing, then battling a panic attack, and finally sobbing hysterically again, all multiple times in a single day), and multiple panic attacks per day. I started using a diluted topical application of clary sage on my wrists and started diffusing clary sage at night while I slept. Almost immediately the night sweats got better. Within a week the mood swings disappeared. And by the end of the month I had only had one panic attack total. Note that I DO still have occasional night sweats (likely from SSRIs, like you mentioned) and I DO still have recurring panic attacks, but the frequency and intensity are minimal in comparison to what I went through during the temporary menopause. So yeah, I highly, highly recommend clary sage. I still use it and can't honestly imagine life without!

It's definitely a good call to check in with a doctor or specialist when it comes to herbal remedies. Especially when you're already loaded down with meds! My doctor keeps a running list of all the essential oils I use, some of which she recommended, lol.

The local gynecologists are terrible here, unless you're having a baby. More OB than GYN. And after being told that my pain wasn't real, I should consider seeing a counselor or get a full GI work up done instead, I sought out endometriosis specialists. There was a closer specialist, about 3 hours away, but I didn't like the look of his online picture, lol. So I chose the smiling woman gynecologist 5 hours away instead. She is amazing and her staff is so considerate of the distance I have to travel.

Second Post:

Wait, you like broccoli? Really? (Are you sure you're a real person? *poke* *poke*) I used to sneak broccoli under the table to my dog. She liked it well enough, but I can't say I ever did. Nor would I say that broccoli particularly liked me. But its good for you, so power to you!

Bleeding for several weeks after the surgery is normal. As long as you aren't soaking through a regular daytime pad, I wouldn't worry. My bleeding lasted until the 8th week and then it slowly faded away. I did, however, experience the silver nitrate. Not pleasant, that stuff. One of my abdominal incisions wouldn't fully heal. Six months post-hysterectomy I finally had enough of it and had a general surgeon take a look. Turned out it was a stitch that didn't dissolve and got covered in scar tissue. The surgeon used silver nitrate to cauterize the incision site after he pulled out the stitch. The burning itself didn't hurt at all. He had injected some lidocaine (numbing agent) into the skin there. (So ask your doctor if that's an option if you end up needing the silver nitrate.) When the lidocaine wore off, however, it hurt like the dickens. An ice pack took care of the pain and by the next day the pain was gone.

In your shoes? I'd pick the oxycodone (but then oxy has always worked really well for me) because it is a brain-altering agent and the pain is relatively short-lived. Alcohol works best for muscle pain because it's a relaxant. On the other hand, it is MUCH more fun to go drinking.

I wasn't hypomanic after the surgery (I'm also not bipolar, which probably accounts for that), but I can't say I did a lot of resting either. Lol, the nurses on my hall nicknamed me "Miss Congeniality" because I chatted happily with everyone. Emphasis on "happily." I'm like that stereotypical happy Irish drunk, doesn't matter if it's alcohol or painkillers. My night nurse kept trying to sneak into my room to check my vitals without waking me up. It never worked and she eventually gave up at 4am and took me for a walk around the ward instead. Meanwhile I'm asking her everything from her life dreams to funny stories about her dogs, lol!

Third Post:

Okay darlin'. I KNOW you joined HysterSisters and I PRESUME you read that pamphlet that automatically comes with joining aforementioned website. And IN that pamphlet is a lot of emphasis and stress and CAPITAL LETTERS about taking care of yourself. Namely, hang up that SuperWoman cape and actually REST. A hysterectomy is the second most stressful major surgery on the body (first place goes to open heart surgery). Take it easy! Don't push yourself if you feel tired or achy! Delegate tasks! Surely there is someone who can do a daily check-in on your aunt while you are resting? Or perhaps you can do more work from home?

Playful (but utterly correct) scolding aside, pick one thing to delegate or to not do that will lighten your load. Just one thing.

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