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Tonight my husband and I finally sat down and had a discussi


Tonight my husband and I finally sat down and had a discussion for not for very long,,It was more like for a hour the kind you have with a counselor..And by the way I have decided to see a professional..I hate my life and my marriage..I can't go on living with a man who is cold, heartless insensitive and insecure..And a man who has only limited time to spend with me..He works a 12 hour day and then comes home has dinner..He goes out to have a cigarette twice at night, because he isn't allow to smoke inside our condo suite. I feel miserable and my husband has ruined my life..He took me away from my family and friends due to his career ..His needs are always more important than mine..He said he only married me to rescue me from my dysfunctional controlling and emotionally abusive parents..He also says he hates having to do everything after coming home from work housework and laundry..I have no friends and he won't allow me to work outside our home,,I can't go back to school take a course or join a fitness club ..I just want out of my horrible marriage..I feel trapped in a loveless and sexless marriage..We have no children, because my husband didn't want any children..I have no life, I just want to die..

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Oct 27

@BillyG I don't understand what you mean when you wrote that will make you work on you..I am going to find a good counselor to help me with my past issues..I can't leave my marriage, because I have nowhere or no place to go..Even my own family won't let me go home and live with them. And I rather die than live alone on my own..

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Oct 28

That is what I'm talking about when I say work on you. You should feel comfortable living alone, you should love being with yourself. I know it's hard I had to start living alone for the first time at 40. I was with the same man for 21 years and yes it is a scary thing but so worth it for you. Stop lowering your value and feeling like you have to be married. If you don't love you and being with you, no one else will.
Work on you, grow you

Oct 29

@BillyG I don't want to live on my own it isn't an option for me..Since am unemployed and have no money..I am going to see a counselor or psychologist to work on all of my past issues..I am 65 now and just can;t imagine myself living in some dump alone..but I know what you mean by learning how to love yourself until you have learn to love yourself and be happy with who you are you can't love someone else..


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