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So I live with my mom my dad is not in the same State beca

So I live with my mom my dad is not in the same State because of work. I am screamed at atleast one a day by mom and its horrible I am made feel like a burden and I am unlucky. She is home since the lockdown since last 4 months I have been hurt soo much.i don't have anyone to talk to I feel horrible like sometimes even suicidal most of the days I cry my self to sleep. I talk to my dad through call he listens but still I feel like he doesn't care .he says he can't do anything and I shud ignore but how much. this year has been horrible. I lost my bff, we were together since 5 years.
Every became worse she used to listen to me I felt happy with her. But then 1 fight and it was over. I have my grand parents but they have their own problems I don't feel like bothering them. I can't tell my exact age but Iam under 15 and above 10. I still very young .I like to be independent but now I hate it my mom makes me. Do alll the work for last 3 months luckily now I have the maid coming.So my mom is the problem. she always treats me horribly always puts me down never understands me and make me feel home less
She hurts me emotionally
And sometimes beats me up. I never feel loved anymore. When I confronted her she laughed at me
Can someone tell me if this is right.please

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Jul 10

My mom works as a teacher in my school and I don't want to talk to the counselor because what if she tells my mom

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Jul 10

@Amy2008 legal anything you say to a therapist/consular can NOT be shared unless YOU give e the okay, or your life is in danger. It's scary talking to someone about your problems becuase it feels like the word will get out but if you talk with consular they wont share thing you dont want too. I highly suggest you think about seeing the one at your school, or maybe talking to an adult about you seeing a diffrent therapist if you dont like the school's. What you're going through suckz. Its difficult but you can and will get through this. You are strong. You've felt this way a long time which sounds tiring. But you will get through this doing thing like reaching out is a step in the right direction. Stuff like posting you're problems on sites like this is a start. Your are brave, strong, and a fighter.

Jul 14

@RoxieAnn I have read some if your posts Roxie and I believe that you my darling are also a brave fighter. You girls keep taking it one day at a time. You WILL make it. Your life path might not make sense to you or you might feel that you dont mean anything or that you are not worthy of anything, but I promise you girls today that if you lift your chin, acknowledge your less than ideal circumstances and "surrender" to KNOWING that this wasn't something you done, but actually a recipe for your greatness - YOU WILL CONQUER. God did not thread you together in you mother's womb ( did you just hear that? ) because He thought you were nothing. While you are baking cake the single ingredients that you add dont taste good, but if you combine them AND give it the TIME it needs, the result it something beautiful and lovely. I promise you - your 'ingredients' might not make sense to you, but one day when all is mixed together and you form with time - the result WILL BE AWESOME.
Keep coming for will keep you going in the times you feel you cant.
Sending lots of love.

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