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PLEASE READ. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m living

PLEASE READ. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m living current bf and our two daughters. He’s always comes home yelling and cursing. When he’s mad he’s disrespectful. Tells me I’m not intelligent I’m incompetent he breaks my things. If i try to ignore him with earphones he snatches those n tries to break them. He’s broken my laptop two of my phones in less than a year. I don’t work i stay home with our daughters who are both 1. He tells me if anyone ever knew me they wouldn’t hire me. Makes me feel very low and i look at myself in the mirror very differently than i did before him. I feel i lost myself. I’m miserable almost everyday and i can’t take it no more but i have no where to go and so much to do in order to leave where it feels impossible. I feel like I’m depressed sometimes but have never been diagnosed but sometimes i just feel like I’m in a hole I’ll never leave. Any advice or insight wil really be helpful

Jun 11

Hi, this sounds to be a really bad environment for you and your children. Try calling a crisis line to get assistance. There are a couple on this website
Wishing you peace. Be safe.

Jun 24

I always wonder what happened to someone to cause them to want to hurt others. What kind of wounds they themselves are carrying. I have learned though that no matter how hard we try to fix someone, only they can do it. They have to make the decision to change and then they have to do the work to change. We can only encourage and support. You have to realize his hurtful words and actions are from what is going on inside of him, not a reflection of you. I hope you stay safe. I hope you find a counselor to help you process through this hurt and rebuild yourself.


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