my toxic ex-bestfriend (i've talked about them in my other p

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my toxic ex-bestfriend (i've talked about them in my other posts before) is obsessed with me and has a crush on me and i cut them off months and months ago. i'm not really sure which group to put this in but i guess this is the closest one since they've been manipulating me, gaslighting me, guilt-tripping me, and conditioning me for 5-6 years. they're this "feminine cottagecore fairy angel princess ballerina victorian renaissance lady" type femme lesbian and that's literally the furthest thing from what i'm attracted to. like do they know that? are they aware that i'm not attracted to femininity? especially after they and my ex and other girls i've been with forced me to like them? they, along with my abusive ex-girlfriend (also talked about her before) have the same identity in regards to that when i had them in my life and i've never been into it and they knew that but they forced it on me anyway. i can't like what i don't want, stop trying to control me. i've had issues with femmes with the same aesthetic before them forcing themselves on me my entire life and i've just NEVER been into them. i'm tired of it lol> my brain is so mashed up. i have this unwillingness to put up with it and this sense of reluctance every time i see anything related to that aesthetic/identity. it makes me feel empty and much more so because of them.

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Jan 14

Understandable you'd feel put-out by pushiness. I personally hate it when someone decides you're they're my friend, or anything else, whether I like it or not. It's super pushy, like Peppermint Patty on Charlie Brown cartoon, decides she's his gf and invites herself over for Thanksgiving, lol. And you'd have to wonder why they'd need to do that, feel a need to practically force you into their sphere.


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