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My husband ignores me when I cry and are upset . It’s like

My husband ignores me when I cry and are upset . It’s like he didn’t care at all he knew what he was doing but never gave me a hug or anything or when I asked him to stop the abuse he said I don’t know what your talking about and kept watching tv. What a fool I am

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Oct 11, 2018

Yes I’m seeing a really good therapist. He now wants a divorce. I saw a pattern with him taking the silent treatment then money now divorce. I guess he thought he lost the control so he’s trying other things

Oct 12, 2018

@Rob65 I'm so glad you have the support of a really good therapist. Praying for you as you sort through all the steps you now need to take.

Nov 8

totally get how frustrating this is when you're upset and the other person shows no regard for your feelings. It does become abusive over time. He might feel criticized or ashamed when you express your emotions, its his hypersensitivity not your fault, but if you want a successful conversation with him you will have to work with his hypersensitivity unfortunately. This type responds best when you respond to individual behaviors and express your feelings in the moment while showing compassion for the negative things they do. it takes a while to learn how to do this. If you believe it's wrong to tolerate his hypersensitivity you will need to leave.


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