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My dad belittles me every day and ask's me"what's wrong with

My dad belittles me every day and ask's me"what's wrong with you" and always yells at me. I might move in with my mom (parents are divorced) I can't take it anymore

Jan 15

I'm so sorry your dad is being derogatory in his speech towards you. It sounds like his pain (maybe from the divorce) is leaking out onto you. Unfortunately, we often hurt the ones closest to us. With that being said I'd ask that you speak to him about his hurtful words. You, as the child, should not be the one having to do the right thing to protect yourself and your relationship with your dad, but for today you need to, in love, tell your dad how you are feeling. He may get angry initially but if he cools off and then comes back with an apology I'd ask him to seek counseling to work on his grief and pain. He may not respond the way you want but if you do your best to show him your love and pain then you will live with no regrets. I do want to encourage you to not try and do this alone however we all need support. I've walked through something similar and found hope through Focus On The Family. This is a Christian organization and if you are not comfortable with them I do encourage you to reach out to a school guidance counselor for avenues of support. If you do however want to reach out to focus on the family you can call them at 1-855-382-5433 and please visit them online at . Reading their articles helped me so much. Hope your dad responds positively, but whatever happens decide to always take care of yourself. You are important.

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