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its been kinda hard lately. my mom had a mental breakdown a

its been kinda hard lately. my mom had a mental breakdown a few days ago, after a friend came over. i was trying to help clean up, because she had a lot of work and she needed a break. when i was done, however, she started screaming at me and calling me names, and saying that i was disrespectful and manipulative and that i "should at least try to be a decent person". i had no idea what to do, because after that she locked herself outside the house and refused to talk to me. later, she was talking to my dad, and saying the same kind of stuff. my dad told her that i didn't deserve her, and she was a human and it was only natural. he said the same thing a week ago when my mom told me i was a dirty, greedy cheater. my sibling also joined in this time. i don't blame them for any of what they did, but it still hurt. me, my dad, and my sibling were at the dinner table, and he made a joke about how it didn't take a map to tell that i was selfish. my sibling laughed so hard at that. quarantine is going so downhill, its only a matter of time before they start getting physical. my dad keeps raising his hands if i stand up for myself, then lowers them if i back away. my mom keeps shaking me like she wants to throw me. i keep reminding myself to stay strong for my younger sibling. i don't want them to see me in pain.

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Jun 29

@Rydxr thank you so much <3

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Jul 1

Do you feel like you're safe where you are? I'm concerned that things have been escalating there and that your dad raises his hand like he's going to hit you and your mom shakes you. Have you ever been hit before? Sometimes staying strong is more than staying quiet and trying to hold it all together. Sometimes it involves asking for help.

I'm sorry that you are having to deal with those kinds of words from your family as well. Sometimes that hurts even more than anything physical. It might help to come up with some one-liners when they put you down and call you names. Maybe something like, "Being called selfish and dirty are very hurtful to me. I love my family and want to have good relationships so I can't be in the same room when there is name calling." Then maybe go to your room, etc. The one-liners should be about how YOU feel. You own your feelings and they can't take that away from you. I don't know if you ever do this, but I would try to avoid saying similar things back to them or any of the he-said she-said type of thing. The only thing you can control is you. Unfortunately, you can't make them stop but you can express how you feel and remove yourself from the immediate situation.

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Jul 4

thank you! ill ill definitely try that


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