I need to know if I am going through emotional abuse or if I

I need to know if I am going through emotional abuse or if I am being over sensitive.

I have started to wonder lately if this is how a marriage is meant to be or if this is how love is supposed to feel. I have started to go down a very confusing road. The night I started wondering was the night we were arguing and he told me that maybe it is all me. He told me that I made the wrong dinner that night because it took too long to make and I should’ve known that. The next night he told me he didn’t have any work clothes cleans and he shouldn’t have to worry about that because it’s a wife’s job. He has threatened to throw my things away when he’s mad. He tells me that my job is not as hard as his and that he works a lot harder than I do and that’s why I have to keep the house clean and make dinner every night. He has started telling me that I am changing and that I’m distant. And I have been lately because I’ve started to wonder if I’m happy here. He told me that he wants me to go back to normal. When he asked me why I’m being distant I told him that I need more affection and I need to feel like he cares about my day and what I have to say. He told me I was making it all about me and I didn’t care what he needed... he wanted to have sex last night and I didn’t. He got mad at me and said that’s what he needs. I’m just so confused. There is so much more that has happened and I thought it was ok but now I’m not so sure...

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Dec 14

I have never been in a relationship with a man (doubt you can call what experience I have a relationship), but I do know that the probability that he is only acting nice so that you go back, is very high. Stay as much as you can with your parents to see if your thoughts become clearer.

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Dec 14

My heart goes out to you. OMW! What you are going through is almost a replica to the last 17 years of my life.... Unbelievable. Definitely abusive and manupilative. I am here, if you need to speak to someone.

Dec 14

@brokenwings89 thank you so much!


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