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I just learned yesterday by accident that my old therapist d


I just learned yesterday by accident that my old therapist died 5 years ago. (I had been googling for his obituary for 6 years, but I guess they never wrote an obituary.) He was the finest person I ever met in my life. I felt totally safe and unjudged by him. He was wise; he was patient; he was kind; he was sane. I felt safe to go anywhere in my psyche with him. He saved my life.

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CKBlossom's picture
Jul 3

@L2015 I was just thinking that If I was in their shoes I would love to get something like this. Hugs!

CreativeSoul's picture
Jul 3

Aw, I’m sorry for the loss. I know that’s gotta be a weird yet sad feeling. I liked the ideas others have given you about writing about him or to his family about him. That would be an awesome outlet and tribute.

Jul 3

@CreativeSoul, Thanks. Yes, what a loss! I've been crying all week. (Much more crying over him than I did when my own parents died, I guess because he was so kind while they were a mixed bag.)


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