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I had a very destructive relationship with my, then, best fr

I had a very destructive relationship with my, then, best friend a few years back. My family took her in and she really broke me. I was “fine” during the time she lived with us but when I “broke up” with her and stopped talking to her I broke down. I got depressed and had terrible anxiety. Whenever I got a message from her or someone was talking about her I panicked. I couldn’t open her messages for hours and I cried constantly. Luckily I had my friends and family by my side and I slowly became better. I am just starting to feel like myself again, almost happy even. I hadn’t heard from her in a very long time and yesterday she messaged me again with a really long text, telling me how sorry she was and that she had finally realized what she had been doing during our friendship. I don’t know what I should answer. Should I tell her to get lost or should I be understanding? (She was very depressed during this time and I can understand why she was acting like she did) Should I even reply at all?

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Dec 10, 2017

@Farrah11 Okay thank you. Got any tips on how to let it go?

Dec 10, 2017

@jaczioo The best way I know to let things go and put closure on, is to write letters to ur ex-friend that u DO NOT MAIL and never let anyone see but u. Write anything u want and need to. I have lots of letters that I've written that I do not mail. In my letters I see almost every emotion, the rage, the anger and the love and forgiveness. My letting go and my closure with people who have wronged me are finished. Although when I get lonely for the one man I have always loved and always will, I write to him. It gives me comfort. Whatever works huu.

Dec 16, 2017

Breakups are a challenge. I would say not respond right now. Sincerety can be shown over time. I've broken off lots a friends due to hurtfulness but now that I'm older and feeling lonely, I wish I would have at least ended as an acquaintance.


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