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i feel so lost right now. today is day 6 of not being able t

i feel so lost right now. today is day 6 of not being able to get out of bed without breaking down. my boyfriend will constantly yell at me about how i am being and what i do wrong daily but then will turn around and say sorry for being how he was. i dont know what to do. i am honestly starting to feel like i deserve everything that is going on and what i am going through.

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Aug 8

@twiztidangel952 is this job something that you will be returning to soon or will you be looking for other work? Aside from your mom, do you have a close friend or two?

Aug 8

@ardorearte not sure, would like to but i dont think that would be able to be done. and as for friends the closest one is an hour away

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Aug 10

I can't tell you how sorry I am to hear about what you're dealing with, but I'm really glad you're reaching out. I don't believe that anyone deserves that sort of pain. I dealt with something somewhat like this a long time ago, and I remember when I finally started talking to a counselor how much I wished I had done it sooner. If you need a good starting point, I used something like this to find someone Know that I'm praying for you!


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