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I can't take the name calling and the belittling every singl

I can't take the name calling and the belittling every single day all day it's always F U OR THE B WORD OR Stfu or W WORD I'm do sick of it i jy st want him to go I loaded all his stiff up last night went to drop it off at his "friend" house who is a female but they spend a lot of time together but he ain't screwing around with her I wasn't born yesterday but inpulled up and went to throw his things out n they have cameras so they seen me pulling up as I got out to open the back door he comes flying out for the house jumps in the backseat I'm already in the driver seat cud I get scared of him pulls my hair calls me now demanding I take his things back n put them away I told him I was his servant and it was over he road with me back to the house demanede again o put his stuff back got out of the car and walked away walking back to her house wtf seriously I left his stuff in the car went to neighbors cried a little bit cud I refuse to cry in front of him that way he don't feel as powerful then went home and went to bed waking up to him laying on my bed at 4 am I don't think so trying to get some. Go back to your gf up the street n after the way you treated me how would that make me look of I was to sleep with you heck no turned down I ain't playing I'm sick of it he juts needs to go I've finally built up enough anger and resentment for all the horrible things he has said to me n done to me to where I can't stand him finally

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Mar 15

I am fairly new to this forum, but I couldn't help but respond, out of concern for your safety. It appears that this is not only mentally and emotionally abusive, but physical. I can not tell if you are married? It appears that you have children? Other things to consider, I know.

I am not an abuse counselor, but this seems to apply. Have you anyone that you can talk to or go to about this? Where I live, we have places such as Safenest and ShadeTree, that protect women from this type of behavior. Have you ever tried that route to get away? Is he abusive to the children? You deserve so much more than this. PLEASE believe that!! I hope that you will seek out the support of someone. I am sure that there are resources on this site, that could be of benefit. Please keep us posted. May you find peace and solace and I hope you don’t mind…I will be praying for you!!

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Mar 16

@Sharity thank you no the children are not ours together but they live with their father half the time n I get them half the time but he's great with the kids he would never do such a thing not even in front of them that still don't make it ok thank you for the advice I will lool.into what resources we do have thanks so much I appreciate it

Mar 16

It is for the best that you guys are not together no man should treat you that way no matter what the situation is you deserve better and I am glad that you both did what is the best for you are you doing ok I am here if you want to talk or maybe even if you need a friend message me anytime


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