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I am seriously thinking of going back into therapy, because


I am seriously thinking of going back into therapy, because it's been a few years now since I stopped seeing my last counselor, but I realize I have some more personal issues to work on like my social anxiety, panic attacks, emotional abuse and grief due to my Dad's passing 2 years ago. And my loneliness and depression and being stuck in my past issues. And just isolating myself not venturing out unless I need to.

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Apr 16

I'm so glad you are going to go back into counseling and that you found our site!
So many caring ppl here, you dont have to go thru it alone:)

Apr 17

I am so happy to hear that there are caring people here ..I have decided to go back because I have so much to deal with right now. The last time I saw a counselor was 2 years ago. And she actually recommended a good counselor that I could see if I was interested, but I kept putting it off. And now I realize it is time that I went back into counseling.

Apr 18

Hey there! I want to commend your self-awareness. Many people start seeking other outlets/vices in order to deal rather than just seeing someone about the issues that lie beneath. So, with that said, I hope your counselor is able to meet you in those vulnerable and tender places. I hope it's one that creates a safe environment for discussing and healing. And, I'm praying you continue to take these challenges head on with grace and determination. I'm sorry for all the things you're wrestling with and the heartbreak that has happened as a result. Thanks for reaching out...keep doing so :)


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